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VRTwinS3D Let's you to know the Matterport Pro2, a camera that creates the virtual world

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Matterport Pro2 Camera, Auto Generate Virtual Reality Platform to convert real-world assets easily in the digital world

Matterport Pro2 , Official reseller in Thailand
Currently, the advancement of Virtual Reality (VR) and Metaverse technologies is a trend that many people are watching as it develops in the future. Everything around us will be merged. or imported into the virtual world that was created until it may lead to a new way of life for sure
“Matterport” Platform Developer and Service Provider that help build real-world assets to become digital assets in the online virtual world

VRTWINS3D is officially certified as a Matterport Official Reseller for Thailand by distributing Matterport Pro2 cameras and Matterport systems Follow the details at the website.

Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand

Matterport is a geospatial information technology company. from USA Founded in 2011 by Dave Gausebeck, Matt Bell and Mike Beebe.

If you want to explain Matterport's business in a simple way is that the company will open a platform for users Upload a photo of the property. or different areas according to the given viewpoint This may be taken with a special camera model manufactured by the company. or an application on a smartphone

Then the company will process the information. to simulate a 3D digital asset with virtually every detail and proportion. which such service It will help both individuals and businesses. Access to the use of Virtual Reality technology more conveniently. and can lead to many more...

The main thing that is considered a hero tool. To be used in conjunction with the Matterport system is the Matterport Pro2 camera that can shoot and simulate different areas. Easy by yourself because the Matterport Pro2 camera and the Matterport system will auto-generate everything immediately after uploading to the system's cloud server.

The main strengths of the Matterport Pro2 camera include several interesting parts

- Scan the indoor area and create a 360 degree image with the Auto Generate system. - Scan 3D areas with high resolution accuracy up to 99% - Tools to help create 3D Model and 2D Floor Plan easily - Image resolution up to 134 Megapixel on the Matterport system - Strong material, durable, can be used for up to 8 hours continuously, etc.

To operate the Matterport Pro2 camera is easy to learn and get started. Those interested do not need any prior photography skills. It is possible to create a Virtual3D Tour because with the Matterport Pro2 camera and the Matterport system have functions that are easy for users to understand.
If you are interested in Matterport Pro2 camera and Matterport system, you can inquire with VRTWINS3D team which is certified as Matterport Official Reseller in Thailand and also take care of repairs with warranty as well.

Contact VRTWINS3D team Tel. 083-8848891 or inquire via message at

Reference : Information about Matterport Company by Investmentman (as of January 19, 2022)

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