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See you at Architects '23 : ASA Expo

Come try out Matterport cameras at the VRTwins booth (L501) at Architect Expo '66, April 25-30, 2023, Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

Association of Siamese Architects under the Royal Patronage in conjunction with the Association of Decorators of Thailand Association of Landscape Architects of Thailand Association of Thai Layout Architects and the Architect Council Organized the Architect'66 event between 25 - 30 April 2023 at Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, as a platform to bring designers together to discuss, ask questions, and Help each other find guidelines that are useful for all professional practices. as well as presenting new construction technologies and solutions

At this year's event, Vrtwins brought a virtual world technology that will help the real estate of Matterport and brought a virtual world camera Matterport Pro 2, and the latest camera like Matterport Pro 3 to try real footage at the event. Ready to give advice on how to use the virtual tour system in business?

Matterport is a company that provides 3D scanning technology solutions that are widely used in the real estate industry. In particular, in online real estate marketing. Matterport uses 3D scanning technology to create a virtual model of a building or home for sale. This allows customers to view the property without having to be on site. It can be viewed from multiple angles, making it an important tool for online real estate sales in today's real estate market. Matterport's 3D scanning technology also allows them to take a virtual tour of the property before deciding to buy.

Get to know 4 interesting additional tools in the following.

1. Schematic floor plan flange available, high precision. that the system created for when using the Matterport camera to finish scanning the area can be downloaded for further use in the drawing program Suitable for building extension drawings and interior design. Helps to reduce the process of entering the measurement area on the construction site, which is complicated.

2. Google Street View, a tool that connects the Matterport system to Google Street View, can be used as a dissemination channel so more people can see your virtual tour.

3. Matterpak, a 3D model download kit for architects, construction, and design professionals, supports leading 3D programs such as 3ds max, ReCap, Revit, and AutoCAD. The files are in OBJ format.

4.E57 file High-resolution point cloud file can be used to fit the model in detail Including the ability to calculate different quantities through the FARO Scene program, such as calculating the amount of rice piles Calculate the number of sugar piles, etc. with an error of about +- 5%.

Experience the use of Matterport cameras at Architect' '66, taking place April 25-30, 2023, at Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. Are you interested in using Matterport cameras or learning more about this technology?

For a trial registration of Matterport cameras at Architect'66, visit the VRTwins booth (L501) on the specified event dates. You can request more information or contact booth staff.

If you are interested in Matterport Pro3 and Matterport Systems, please visit VRTwinS3D.

Alternatively, You can ask the VRTWINS3D team, Who has been certified as the Matterport Official Reseller of Thailand and also take care of the repairs with warranties.

Contact the VRTWINS3D team

Call 083 - 8848891

Line OA : @vrtwins3d


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