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12 Real-World Digital Twin Use Cases to Inspire Your Next Project

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

From a real estate analytics firm in Singapore to a property restoration company in Milwaukee, a diverse range of businesses are harnessing the power of digital twin technology to access information, improve decision-making, and create better customer experiences.

Simply put, a digital twin is an immersive, interactive 3D virtual model of a physical object or space. And you don’t need a professional-grade camera to get started. Using just the phone in your pocket, you can start capturing, editing, and sharing virtual representations of physical assets.,

In this article, we’ll explore real-world use cases for digital twins — and hopefully inspire you as you plan your team’s next project.


Across industries, teams are discovering valuable use cases for digital twins. From smart cities to industrial IoT, digital twins have helped all sorts of teams take on ambitious projects — and drive impressive results.

1. Architecture, construction, and engineering

About the project

Since 1935, architecture and design firm Perkins&Will has turned innovative ideas into physical reality. But when the pandemic hit and visiting sites got harder, this forward-thinking firm partnered with Matterport to build digital twins of ongoing projects.

Now instead of traveling to sites to approve designs or document progress, designers could access 3D models of sites that are scanned as frequently as they need to track progress, such as weekly or even daily.


  • Teams were able to work faster and boost productivity

  • Physical site visits decreased by two thirds

  • More informed and creative design choices

Applicable conclusions

After a pandemic-induced slowdown, construction has picked back up — which means design and construction teams need tools that help them work efficiently. From SolidCAD to BIM files, Matterport integrates with the technology that studios use on a daily basis.

As these strategic technology trends evolve, Matterport will work with partners to streamline the construction process and empower collaboration.

2. Real estate

About the project

Real Estate Analytics is a Singapore-based firm that helps buyers make informed real estate decisions. When the pandemic hit, they turned to Matterport to help them build 8PROP 360, a hub of virtual tours for their rental properties.


  • Online property listing engagement increased by 50%

  • Buyer satisfaction increased by 40%

  • Property sales increased by 20%

Applicable conclusions

Real Estate Analytics’ success with digitized listings is just further proof that digital twins speed up sales cycles. But buyers aren’t the only ones who reap the rewards of virtual tours. Real estate professionals also value the flexibility that virtual tours give them. For teams that might be spread over a big market like New York, being able to remotely scope out listings helps agents save time and stay informed.

3. Manufacturing

About the project

Manufacturing products at a large scale requires efficiency — which is where JFC and Associates comes in. Their firm helps clients streamline their businesses by reducing costs and weeding out inefficiencies. They teamed up with Matterport to build detailed, 3D visuals for their clients.


  • A streamlined manufacturing process and faster maintenance

  • Easier collaboration, higher productivity and reduced costs

  • Quick integration into teams’ existing building management software

Applicable conclusions

It can be difficult for a massive, expensive factory to update and maintain its facilities. But thanks to digital twins, major manufacturing centers have the chance to be nimble. For instance, if safety regulations are updated by local governments, management has the means to rapidly bring the production line into compliance — keeping workers safe and protected.

4. Facilities management

About the project

Northumbrian Water oversees water utilities for a handful of counties in the United Kingdom — which means they have quite a bit of machinery to keep track of. Their team partnered with Matterport to create 3D renderings of their facilities, giving them a modern way to track their legacy assets.


  • Matterport integrated easily with their existing asset management system

  • Efficient planning and quicker startup phase for projects

  • Reduction in site visits

Applicable conclusions

A lot goes into managing a building. Whether you need a schematic floor plan for emergency preparedness or a 3D walkthrough of your mechanical plant to remotely train employees, digital twins enable a deeper understanding of your team’s space and the equipment within it.

5. Travel and hospitality

About the project

When you’re planning your dream vacation, you don’t want to leave your lodging up to chance. As North America’s leading vacation rental management platform, Vacasa understands how much thought goes into planning the perfect trip. That’s why they partnered with Matterport to offer virtual tours of their vacation destinations.


  • Customers spent more time browsing on the Vacasa site

  • Online bookings increased by nearly 12%

  • Reduced marketing costs

Applicable conclusions

Leaders in the travel and hospitality space are already thinking beyond just virtual rental tours. Digital twins have the opportunity to reshape how we engage with all bookable spaces. From wedding venues to that perfect party space, the digital twin concept enables users to understand the on-site experience before actually stepping foot on-site.

6. Retail

About the project

​​In the retail sector, the customer experience is key. But launching in-store promotions isn’t always simple. That’s why Apex Imaging Services turned to Matterport to help them build virtual representations of their clients’ stores. Now brands can save money and time by accessing detailed digitized storefronts.


  • Efficient launch of promotions

  • Improved customer experience

  • Quicker updating of inventory

  • Multi-site owners saved time and money that had previously been spent traveling from store to store

Applicable conclusions

Digital twin technology in retail continues to grow — and building virtual storefronts is just the beginning. Retail professionals can integrate real-time traffic data to get a clear picture of customer behavior. These visitor insights can then be used to craft interactive experiences that drive engagement across the customer life cycle.

7. Homeowners

About the project

During the home renovation process, it can be difficult to picture what your ideal space will look like. Popular floorplan software Roomsketcher partnered with Matterport to give users an easy way to bring their dream floor plan to life.

Thanks to detailed digital twins of in-progress home renovations, Roomsketcher gave homeowners a front-row seat to the whole home renovation process.


  • 3D models helped homeowners renovate faster and stay under budget

  • Communication improved between homeowners and contractors

  • The ability to edit floor plans empowered homeowners and led to higher customer satisfaction

Applicable conclusions

Digital twin technology has empowered homeowners to redesign spaces to their exact liking. From there, the possibilities are endless! Perhaps your home redesign was just step one in the house flipping process — and now you have a digital twin you can use for customized 3D virtual tours. Or maybe you’re just looking to have some fun with the kids and turn that finished basement into the ultimate virtual escape room.

8. Insurance and restoration

About the project

Documenting losses is never an easy task for restorers. Traditionally, this process involves taking hundreds of pictures and measuring moisture readings — often amid hazardous conditions.

That’s why Milwaukee-based Accent Property Restorations used Matterport’s all-in-one 3D platform to conduct remote 3D walkthroughs of damaged properties.


  • Reduced site visits

  • Detailed property assessments, such as following the path of smoke trails after a kitchen fire

  • Adjusters can work faster by remotely touring properties

Applicable conclusions

Filing an insurance claim can be a tense process for both policyholders and claims adjusters. Digital twins help both sides cut through the noise and agree on the reality of the situation. After all, Matterport’s scans are time-stamped and accurate. So with real-time digital twins as a neutral party during the claims process, both sides can settle disputes with ease.

9. Government

About the project

Local landmarks bring communities together and connect us to our shared history. That’s why local governments are always looking for ways to make their special spaces as accessible as possible.

Thanks to this digital twin of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, a larger portion of the population can explore this fascinating landmark.


  • Elderly or disabled persons who might not have been able to access this site can now experience dynamic virtual tours

  • Classrooms can take virtual field trips to minimize travel costs

  • Now these landmarks can be visited 24/7, rain or shine

Applicable conclusions

Opening access to historical landmarks is just one way governments can make the most of digital twins. Embracing smart cities can improve residents’ quality of life and keep them safe. For instance, the Asheville Fire Department uses virtual replicas to minimize human error, provide virtual training, and gather key evidence from fire scenes.

10. Healthcare

About the project

In a healthcare setting, the right space helps teams work safely and efficiently. That’s why Healthcare Trust of America (HTA), the largest owner and operator of medical office buildings in the US, partnered with Matterport to build digital twins of their properties. With Matterport’s 3D scans, teams can access precise spatial layouts and view 360-degree models.


  • More online engagement thanks to detailed 3D scans

  • Decisions can be made on quicker timelines, without having to fly out stakeholders

  • Reduced site visits and travel costs

  • Quicker renovation and leasing processes

Applicable conclusions

Adaptable, responsive healthcare is vital. Thankfully, Matterport is helping healthcare systems decrease downtime when it comes to leasing medical space. Instead of expensive cross-country flights to ensure a space is up to par, now healthcare teams can take a virtual tour and make the decision on the spot, armed with all the information they need.

11. Automotive

About the project

Buying a car is a major purchase, which is why many drivers opt for a test drive before signing on the dotted line. Understanding a car’s functionality in detail is key to the customer experience, which is why Matterport teamed up with A1 Designs to help Nissan UK offer comprehensive 3D tours of their vehicles.


  • Customers could experience Nissan’s fleet of cars from the comfort of their own home

  • Nissan received excellent feedback from customers, who appreciated the detail these digital replicas offered

  • 3D models gave Nissan an additional marketing tool to drive sales engagement

Applicable conclusions

A virtual showroom is a great way to bring some immersion to the sales process. Understanding a physical product from a picture online isn’t always easy, especially for something as complex as a car. With detailed 3D models, customers can take the guesswork out of their next major vehicle purchase.

12. Oil and gas

About the project

On an oil rig, safety is always top of mind. That’s why regular inspections are just a fact of life in the oil and gas industries. But to actually conduct a thorough inspection, experts must get a close look at the equipment on hand.

That’s why the geospatial technology experts at Noble Precision Technologies partnered with Matterport to help their clients in oil and gas bring their spaces to life with digital twins.


  • A streamlined inspection process

  • Quicker response to potential dangers on a rig

  • Reduction in travel costs

Applicable conclusions

The strides the oil and gas industry has made with digital twins is just the beginning for workplace safety. Factories, hospitals, and other high-traffic spaces can put their workers’ safety first when they invest in digital twin technology.


Digital twins’ real-time data ensures everyone on the team is receiving the same information at the same time. When taken together, this arrangement improves alignment, encourages collaboration, and saves time.

Digital twin technology is also customer-centric. Now teams can meet buyers where they are — literally. Across industries, virtual tours can speed up the sales cycle and improve the customer experience. Digital twin models can also add a new element to the online marketing experience, which keeps customers engaged with your site.

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