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Matterport Axis review: An affordable system for capturing and creating VR walkthroughs

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Matterport unveils the newest technology called Affordable Matterport Axis To enable anyone to create a virtual world with an affordable 360 imaging system with an accurate 360 imaging app, with functions that require Axis to rotate automatically, access to VR technology is easy. Tangible for small businesses.

Mark Zuckerberg and other tech giants are said to be spending billions on Virtual Reality (VR) and metaverse, but you don't have to be Facebook or Apple to use VR technology in your business.

The result may not be high-resolution 3D as the app tries to process and create a full 360-degree virtual space based on your actual environment with a regular smartphone camera.

Matterport Axis lets you use your smartphone to take 360-degree photos and then join them together to create a VR Tour virtual world using the Matterport Capture app.

Highlights of Matterport Axis

  • Easy to use through Application

  • The price does not start from 4,500 baht.

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones

  • Features and functionality close to high-quality cameras

  • Suitable for beginners who want the highest resolution of virtual3D Tours.

"Matterport's calculated photos will also be created as virtual walkthroughs, allowing your customers to experience real worlds such as construction sites, housing, or perhaps building VR showrooms for small businesses."

Captured with iPhone Smartphone Capture + Axis

Matterport Capture application It is now available on both iOS and Android systems. It works the same way, and is designed to achieve more accurate and professional results. Whether it is used in areas such as retail, real estate and construction or architecture, etc.

Matterport also sells Matterport Pro2 cameras, 3D scanning cameras for those who need high-resolution images, as well as providing professional photography services using the highest resolution devices. Capture Service

If you are interested in Matterport Axis and Matterport Systems, please visit VRTwinS3D.
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