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Create virtual spaces with a variety of cameras with easy-to-use features with the Matterport Captur

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

That can be used on both iOS and Android.

Matterport Pro2 3D

Standards for professional 3D photography and digital twin capture creation Professional
Ideal for scanning areas of all sizes such as homes, apartments, hotels, commercial buildings, and more, capturing high-quality 3D images with 99% accuracy within the best limits despite large spaces. Fast and easy-to-use 3D capture with the touch of a button
It's going to get a large 360-degree space. The highest resolution of a 4K print quality camera.
For professionals who want to take full advantage of The Matterport Cloud 3.0 with a single scan. Get a whole set of 3D models and marketing assets

Product Details/Specifications
Image resolution: 16376 x 8192(134 megapixels)
Time per scan: 20 seconds (stand back when the camera rotates)
Photo Format: JPEG
Depth Sensor: Structured Light
Battery life: 8 hours
Accuracy: Accurate within 1%

HDR / Fully Immersive 3D Model / Mattertags™ / Auto-generated Videos & Gifs / Virtual Reality /
Collaboration & Sharing / 2D Photos - Web Resolution
High capacity lithium-ion battery for capturing multiple areas in a day It can be scanned for up to 8 hours on a single charge.


INSTA360 ONE X2 (Thai Warranty)

INSTA360 ONE X2 (Thai Center Warranty) New 360 Degree Video Camera, Small and Portable Easy to use, good quality, comfortable price, but the specifications are great.

Genuine warranty from VRTwinS3D distributor Official 360 Degree Matterport Camera in Thailand (Official Matterport Reseller)
And experienced in virtual 360 virtual reality filming.

- Video quality up to 5.7K in 360 degrees
- Steady cam model captures typical cameras for wide/ultra wide shots.
- FlowState Stabilization, vibration reduction system, 6-axis vibration
- Ultra-Bright Touch Screen, bright, clear touchscreen Works well even in extreme light.
- Invisible Selfie Stick does not see the selfie stick stuck in the picture.
- Water Proof 10m. entering the water up to 10 meters deep.
- 4Mic 360 Audio Capture 360-degree audio recording
- 360-degree video recording, you can choose the frame you want later.
- Voice Control supports voice control
- Small size, easy to carry Easy to use
- PureShot compensates for light well, shooting in low light.
- Deep Track tracks the object, and locations and arranges them in the middle of the frame.
- MultiView Mode sees images of both sides.
- Insta Pano captures beautiful panoramic images
- Aqua Vision, a more realistic color adjustment mode When shooting underwater
- Live streaming is instantly shared on social media
- 1630mAh battery lasts up to 80 minutes


Ricoh Theta Z1 51GB

Ricoh Theta Z1 51GB Top Model flagship The best specs of the gods, the best 360 shots in the class.

-Material: magnesium alloy
- 51GB memory supports over 6,350 jpeg images
-Speed Shutter up to 1/25000
-Dual lens system with 4 microphones
-1 inch 23-megapixel sensor back-illuminated CMOS
-Three apertures adjustable f/2.1, f/3.5 and f/5.6
-Record 360-degree 4K video at 30fps 3840 x 1920 4K
-360° live streaming in 4K or 2K
- 3-axis stabilizer
-The sharpest OLED display/camera status Good display even with 0.93" glare
-Supports JPEG and RAW file formats, decorative, add background images
-Edit with Lightroom Classic CC & Plug-In
-Supports THETA+ connectivity for photo editing and printing
- Wireless connection supports Bluetooth and wireless LAN


Ricoh Theta SC2

Ricoh Theta SC2 High Quality 360 Degree Camera Easy to use, compact, affordable. Fast transfer of data to mobile With an OLED display, you can see the shots clearly.
And it comes with a variety of options, such as reducing the noise of the shot in the night shot. Skin Color Management

- Record natural 360° still images and videos in high resolution and high-precision image-to-image processing.
- Easily adapt to beautiful shooting and shooting situations Preset features (face mode, night view, and lens-to-lens exposure mode) * Shooting at night will require a tripod.
- Create incredibly realistic spherical videos with 4K video shooting (3840 x 1920, 29.97fps)
- High-speed wireless data transfer Fast wireless image and video transfer
- Never miss a shot with fast lens response This allows shooting to be taken within 1.5 seconds of power on.
- A thin and lightweight body that optimizes the internal components using an exclusive folding lens system.
- There is a display that allows monitoring the remaining battery power and shooting mode, etc.
- Record 4K video and 360° surround sound for a more immersive VR world
- Use the dedicated editing app "THETA+" to customize the décor to make the décor look eye-catching.
- There are dedicated apps that are convenient for both PCs and smartphones. Enjoy more of the world with RICOH THETA
- Easily upload photos and share 360° worlds with friends
- Post-processed images and videos using "THETA+"

If you are interested in Matterport Axis and Matterport Systems, please visit VRTwinS3D.
Alternatively, You can ask the VRTWINS3D team, Who has been certified as the Matterport Official Reseller of Thailand and also take care of the repairs with warranties.

Contact the VRTWINS3D team
Call 083 - 8848891


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